Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dec 5, 2013

We bid goodbye to the wonderful people of Battambang and head back to Phnom Penh. We left the hotel by 6:00 AM and stopped at 8 for breakfast.

 Those of us in the back of the bus had a very rough ride.  I think the bus we were in was part of Pol Pot's torture system.  By the time we got to Phnom Penh I didn't think any of my insides were in the right place.

After lunch we got into some tuk tuks and headed out for our last chance at shopping.

 Most of the group rode to the village where Sarah was in the orphanage.  The orphanage was no longer there but they at least got to see the area.  They also actually met Sarah's foster Mom before she was adopted.

4 of us headed back to the hotel to get a little R&R before we went to Dr. L0's house for our final dinner in Cambodia. 

Tomorrow 8 of us load up and head to the airport for our very long ride back to the states.  I will be very happy to climb into my own bed and start the recovery from jet lag.

Hope you all have enjoyed the blog,.

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